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Intelligent solutions for road assessment surveying

Transportation planning and engineering play a vital role in the systematic development or expansion of any road network both in rural and urban environments

Our solutions include:

BCL offers Road Surface Profiling Equipment which is used for road roughness measurement.

Our Road profiling systems have laser sensors that measure road surface roughness, and they are loaded with accelerometers to recompense for the vehicles movement's effect. We offer specialized road profiling systems for a transverse profile, rut depth, macrotexture, and other shape distinctiveness

BCL provides Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) to evaluate the physical properties of pavement. FWD is chiefly used to determine the pavement's structural capacity design and decide if a pavement is overloaded. Apart from pavements, the equipment is suggested for highways, service roads, airport pavements, etc. The tools can assess pavements under different loading conditions enabling the engineer to identify the correct mode of failure and the optimum maintenance alternative.

BCL is a leading provider of Road/Airport Surface Friction Test Equipment used to provide information on Surface Friction condition. We supply friction measuring equipment systems that meet the need of airports runways, taxiways and highways We have an adept team of professionals who help you provide the best solutions from an extensive range of devices under ARRB, ASFT & SWECO.

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