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Road Condition Monitoring Systems
29 Jan, 2021

Road Monitoring System

An important requirement for the consistency and safety of the vehicles that move on the road along with the wellbeing of the people traveling in those vehicles, a well-maintained road network is important. Similarly, when you guarantee appropriate maintenance by the road managers, it can be achieved by having accurate and sufficient information about the quality of the road infrastructure which can be used rightfully by the widespread means of the mobile devices which are available both worldwide and locally.

One of the major indicators for the quality of the road lies with the road surface condition. Road anomalies like patching, bumps, cracking, potholes and small defects on the surface can be used to characterize the quality of the road surface. Detecting the potholes, speed breakers and the levels of roughness plays the key to road condition monitoring. Road Surface Monitoring Systems play a very important role in improving the safety of the traffic, decrease accidents and protecting the vehicles from getting damaged due to bad roads. BCL can supply a qualified range of Road Condition Monitoring Systems which were designed by keeping in mind the ease of operation and maintenance in mind. We are exclusive suppliers of ARRB Systems, SARSYS-ASFT and SWECO.