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Oil Analysis in UAE
23 Feb, 2022

What is Point of Care Oil Analysis? And Why Does it matter now?

Oil analysis is a routine activity conducted for identifying oil contamination or analyzing oil health and machine wear. The main aim of carrying out oil analysis is to know whether the lubricated machine is running as per the expectations.

The point of care oil analysis is an on-site oil analysis solution that enables the experts to be more self-reliant and dynamic in safeguarding the mechanical assets. With improved analysis, the equipment maintainers can detect any abnormality and take appropriate actions to fix the malfunction or potential failure.

In today’s world, it is observed that more and more equipment experts are inclining towards choosing on-site tools and solutions for oil analysis. Let’s take a look at why Point of Care Oil Analysis matters now more than ever.

Fast Oil Analysis

In today’s world, we all look for solutions that can offer us rapid and effective results. For oil analysis as well, we seek for rapid analysis results and point of care oil analysis offers just that.

Whenever needed, the point of care solutions enable equipment maintenance teams with valid answers upon analysis. The rapid oil analysis is especially significant when there are 24/7 operations.

A lot of important decision making depends on the results from the analysis and if the solutions applied take days and weeks to obtain then the entire process is not viable. This is why point of care analysis is needed in today’s industries.

Offers Improved Analytics for Decision Making

Data integrity is maintained in a variety of ways when point of care oil analysis is implemented. First and foremost, with the point of care oil analysis solutions you get sample oils that are fresh which offers better insight for the equipment.

Additionally, the analysis solution also conducts retests to debunk a potential issue that an on-site solution can offer rather than an off-site solution. It also delivers pertinent information about the testing sample which can be verified instantly.

All of the analytics offered by point of care oil analysis solutions empowers the equipment experts to make better decision making.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Point of care oil analysis also favours equipment experts to reduce their overall maintenance cost. As the solution eliminates the step of outside laboratory testing and instead provides on-site testing flexibility, this not only makes the process a bit hassle-free but also reduces the maintenance cost.

The logistics cost to take the sample to the lab setting completely waives off and in result you get effective oil analysis.

Now more than ever, companies are choosing point of care oil analysis remedies to ensure reliability of the equipment around 60-70 percent of industries include oil analysis programs. The in-house tools and software solutions offered in point of care oil analysis have benefitted industries in a variety of ways.

While the oil analysis results can help you detect the suspensions and contaminants in oil, the health of oil greatly determines the life of equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step toward oil analysis and adapt to point of care oil analysis now.