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Be well informed about the condition of your lubricant

An apparent reason to perform oil analysis is to understand the condition of the oil, but it is also intended to highlight the state of the machine from which the oil sample was taken.

Abundant spending happens every year, replacing machinery components that have worn out due to insufficient lubricant performance. Knowing how to interpret varying lubricant properties can increase both the uptime and mission critical assets' life.

In-service oil analysis provides critical information about machine condition and oil condition. There are many different approaches to implement an oil analysis program, depending on the application and maintenance objectives. BCL provides various solutions for Oil and Fuel Analysis onsite and laboratory like Comprehensive Oil Analyzer, On-site Oil Analyzer and Portable Oil Lab

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Oil Analysis

On-site Oil Analysis has been achieving huge popularity in recent years. A very comprehensive and strong fight is waging to find out what the best on-site mini-lab must comprise due to the availability of on-site oil analysis tools. According to various experts, it is believed that having equipment for on-...