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Maximize your efficiency with our NIR Solutions

NIR refers to Near-infrared Spectroscopy, its non-destructive analytical technique which enables to do both quantitative and qualitative analysis of multiple parameters in Food, Dairy, Meat, Pharma, Chemical and various other products.

Due to precise, and rapid results from NIR Solutions, the real-time decision making for higher productivity and enhanced quality can be attained successfully. You can be rest assured on your daily challenges from inspection of incoming goods to release of finished products.

BCL Provides entire process control solutions using at-line, on-Line and laboratory NIR analyzers.

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NIR Solutions
Microscopy & Sample preparation
NIR Solutions

Rapid, affordable and precise results are offered by NIR analysis. It allows for decision making in real-time for higher productivity rate and enhanced quality. For mastering your regular challenges from incoming inspection of goods to the release of finished products, get the support you need from BUCHI&r...