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NIR Solutions
29 Jan, 2021

NIR Solutions

Rapid, affordable and precise results are offered by NIR analysis. It allows for decision making in real-time for higher productivity rate and enhanced quality. For mastering your regular challenges from incoming inspection of goods to the release of finished products, get the support you need from BUCHI’s NIR Solutions.

NIR Solutions can be used for –

•    Control meat, dairy, milling and other types of food products for fiber rheological properties and moisture macronutrients ash.

•    Testing premixes, raw materials and finished products for fat, moisture, protein, fiber and ash, amino acids.

•    Customizing accurate calibrations for measuring the organic carbon, moisture and total nitrogen contents of fertilizers formulation, soils, biogas potential of biodegradable feedstock along with the urban waste.

•    Performing regulatory compliant raw material identification along with qualification tablet content uniformity analysis final product release testing

•    Controlling the processes by qualifying raw materials, polymerization end-point determination, hydroxyl number measurement and residual quantification of moisture.

For taking far-reaching decisions, you will require fast and reliable information about the samples. When you are performing analysis of research or quality control, then BCL can offer you an advanced range of NIR Solutions from BUCHI. They are known to offer affordable, rapid and precise results and enables real-time decision making for enhanced quality and higher productivity.