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Material Testing and Analysis
22 Jan, 2021

Mechanical Testing & Analysis

Experts of Material Analysis and Metal Testing relief on the reliable results, technical expertise, and outstanding service offered by our supplied instruments. Our supplied range of solutions has been designed by extremely dedicated chemists, engineers, and technicians. A wide range of metal testing, analysis, and other material analysis services for powdered metals, composites, ferroalloys, ores, polymers, and ceramics requires the backing of a qualified range of solutions.

The Material Analysis and Metal Testing equipment offered by us can offer you highly reliable performance for a wide range of demanding applications which can range from research, quality control, and product development. For closed-loop static constant load, cyclic, monotonic, or alternating features and loadings, all the models are suitable. With ball screw assembly which is free of backlash, the test systems are supplied which offers high positioning accuracy, high load capacity, and repeatability that is controlled by a brushless high responsive, servo motor for driving the mobile traverse offering quick stop and starting time.

BCL can offer you high-performance analytical instruments that allow for comprehensive analysis of the thermal properties of a wide variety of materials. Call us today so that our experts can thoroughly guide you to achieve success.