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Partners at Arablab 2023
18 Sep, 2023

Unveiling Visionary Partners: BCL's Showcase at ArabLab 2023

The stage is set for an exceptional convergence of advanced science, groundbreaking technology and innovative solutions as ArabLab 2023 prepares to open its doors at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre from September 19th to 21st.

Among the remarkable exhibitors, BCL stands tall, promising an extraordinary showcase of meticulously curated science and technology products from an array of distinguished suppliers. As anticipation builds, let's delve into the introduction of these visionary partners who are set to redefine the landscape of laboratory excellence.

Meet Our Trusted Partners for ArabLab Exhibition 2023

This isn’t our first time at this highly influential trade show. We have participated as one of the exhibitors for this event in the past and each time we aim to bring something new to our showcase.

With that in mind, this time time around we are bringing a mix of both fresh and familiar partners with us. Check out our incredible lineup of suppliers -

C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems

A trailblazer in analytical chemistry, C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems brings forth a legacy of precision and innovation. With a history spanning over 170 years, their commitment to advancing laboratory analysis shines through their state-of-the-art instruments.

From elemental analysis to environmental testing, C. Gerhardt's expertise is poised to make a significant impact at ArabLab 2023. Some of the products that attendees will get

to see at the exhibit are - VAPODEST 200 - a smart steam distillation system, SOXTHERM SOX412 - rapid automatic fat extraction system and more.

Priorclave Ltd

The pursuit of scientific excellence meets sustainability with Priorclave Ltd, a leader in autoclave design and manufacturing. Their avant-garde approach to laboratory sterilisation not only ensures uncompromised results but also promotes energy efficiency.

As laboratories increasingly emphasise eco-friendliness, Priorclave's presence at the event is sure to turn heads. Since 1988, Priorclave’s in-house team has brought innovative and practical autoclave designs for a variety of industries.

Park Systems

Nanotechnology takes centre stage with Park Systems, a global leader in atomic force microscopy (AFM). With the ability to visualise and manipulate matter at the nanoscale, Park Systems' solutions transcend conventional limitations.

Researchers and industry experts can look forward to exploring the frontiers of possibility through their cutting-edge AFM technology. They’re bringing their high-end innovation NX10 Atomic Force Microscope for the showcase.

Spectro Scientific

Reliability and precision find a home with Spectro Scientific's advanced fluid analysis solutions. By enabling proactive maintenance and informed decision-making, their equipment plays a pivotal role in predictive maintenance strategies.

As industries continue to demand optimal performance, Spectro Scientific's presence promises to be a game-changer. We are so proud to have such a pioneering partner with us for the showcase at ArabLab 2023.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

A name synonymous with scientific innovation, Thermo Fisher Scientific brings a comprehensive portfolio of laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables. From life sciences to analytical instruments, their contributions have catalysed breakthroughs across diverse fields.

With their presence, ArabLab 2023 attendees can anticipate a showcase of technologies that empower discovery.

Infors HT

Shaping the future of biotechnology, Infors HT specialises in bioreactors and fermenters. With applications spanning pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and more, their solutions facilitate precise and controlled cultivation of microorganisms.

As the biotech landscape evolves, Infors HT remains at the forefront of driving progress. At our exhibit for ArabLab 2023, you can witness their high-efficiency Minitron which is a compact design incubation shaker offering application possibilities in microbial, animal, and plant cell cultures.


Materials preparation and analysis find a champion in Buehler, a company synonymous with quality and expertise. With a rich heritage spanning decades, their solutions cater to industries ranging from automotive to aerospace.

At ArabLab 2023, Buehler's presence offers attendees a chance to explore the intricate world of materials science. From innovations like Wilson VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers to Isomet High Speed & High Speed Pro cutters, visitors will have the opportunity to experience first-hand look of their innovations.

Walter + Bai AG

Precision engineering takes on new dimensions with Walter + Bai AG, a master of micro and nano positioning technology. Their innovative solutions have applications in microscopy, lithography, and semiconductor manufacturing.

As industries embrace miniaturisation, Walter + Bai AG's contributions emerge as instrumental.

Gamry Instruments

Electrochemical research reaches unprecedented heights with Gamry Instruments, a frontrunner in electroanalytical instrumentation. Their equipment empowers researchers to decipher the behaviour of materials at the molecular level.

ArabLab 2023 offers a stage for Gamry Instruments to highlight the significance of electrochemistry in modern research.

Join Us to Witness The Key Players of The Industry

With each supplier, BCL brings not only products but also a vision for the future of laboratory science and technology. ArabLab 2023 attendees can expect to witness a convergence of expertise, innovation and collaboration that will shape the course of scientific exploration for years to come.

Stand Number 334 becomes the epicentre of possibility, where ideas will be exchanged, partnerships shall be forged and the boundaries of what's achievable will be pushed beyond limits.

As the countdown to ArabLab 2023 begins, the excitement is palpable. The stage is set for a remarkable journey into the world of science and technology solutions, and BCL, along with its esteemed partners, is all set to make this journey unforgettable.