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Chamber furnaces in UAE
07 Jun, 2022

Everything to Know About Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

In any laboratory, the installation of the laboratory chamber furnaces are pretty important as they perform a range of significant functions. They act as convection appliances that are extensively employed in the science and manufacturing industries.

At BCL, we offer high-quality laboratory chamber furnaces that are designed for integral balance and can be used ideally for thermogravimetric analysis and loss on ignition applications. It also includes a range of standard features that makes it the best fit for lab setting.

Keep reading more to know all things essential about the lab chamber furnace to make your choice for this product clear.

Operation of Laboratory Furnace

Similar to most of the other furnaces, a laboratory chamber furnace as well uses a heat source for heating a sample within its chamber. For heating the furnace, the process of convective heat transfer is used and that works by either mechanical or gravitational convection.

In mechanical convection, lab furnaces use baffles and blowers in the chamber that aids in heating the furnace chamber rapidly and more uniformly. Whereas, in gravity convection warmer air shifts cooler air and guides it towards the heating element until it reaches the desired temperature throughout the entire chamber. The former one is more preferred than the later.

Typically, a laboratory chamber furnace performs the functions of drying in which the moisture is removed from the sample. The other function that is delivered is baking where the sample is heated without the use of dehumidification. Lastly, it is used for curing in which the sample is physically or chemically altered.

Considerations for Laboratory Furnace

It is a tool that is manufactured to carry out an extensive range of applications and that is why the array of features of it can be many. The following are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing the ideal lab chamber furnace.

Size – The size is an important factor to consider when selecting this tool. The volume of the furnace must be suitable to fit the demands of spatial needs of the samples that are being heated. It should ideally accommodate multiple samples. The size can be differentiated by three types – benchtop, cabinet and walk-in. The smallest size furnace is the benchtop whereas, the walk-in is the largest size.

Temperature – Another important feature that you must consider is the temperature of the lab furnace which can be changed when the suitable product is selected. There are commonly three technologies that can be used in the lab chamber furnace for regulating temperature which also includes a thermostat that has a simple on/off switch to maintain the temperature.

Other than these, some other features that must be considered based on the application requirement are the air intakes and exhausts that can be adjusted for release or withholding humidity. These are also needed to remove VOCs and fumes from the furnace chamber.

Thermal insulation is another feature that adds more efficiency to laboratory chamber furnaces as it diminishes the thermal transfer rate. This type of furnaces are generally made of steel in order to prevent any radiant heat emitted from the oven exterior.

Get the best laboratory chamber furnace unit from BCL platform and meet the demands of your laboratory setting now.