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Testing & Characterization
10 Jan, 2021

Testing & Characterization

For analyzing and guaranteeing the properties, quality, and behavior of a composite or polymer, a primary function is controlled by the material characterization and testing. It is one of the important measures taken for guaranteeing the quality and success of all your finished products. They are known to offer the necessary information that is required to determine if the material is suited for your needs.

BCL has worked side by side with expert professionals and identified the needs of characterization and testing requirements of polymer materials. We have the right solutions that can meet all your requirements.  With the help of a cutting edge range of polymer, composite and blend characterization techniques and requirements, we have designed our range.

Polymer Analysis

It is important for characterizing the polymer-based systems to establish structure-property relationships as they can potentially lead towards the determination of the best-performing systems.

Thermal Insulation

We offer you low thermal conductivity materials that have been combined to achieve a lower system thermal conductivity.

Ceramic & Glass

We have chamber furnaces, apparatus to determine refractoriness under load, dilatometry, simultaneous thermal analysis, and other solutions for Ceramic and Glass.

Thin Film Analysis

The gradually increasing importance of thin-film analysis has increased and has encouraged fundamental and applied research about their chemical structures.

Oil Analysis

An assumption of machine wear and the chemical consumption of oil are obtained by oil analysis. We have the necessary solutions for this process.


We support the development of new drugs with our advanced range of pharmaceutical solutions for Research & Development, scale-up, and quality control.

Ultraportable Gas Analyzers

We have high-class glass analyzers that are built strongly in a case and are based around the “Off-axis ICOS” measurement technique.

Trace Gas Analyzers

With the help of a tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, the concentration of trace gases in an air sample is measured.

Isotope Analyzers

We offer isotope analyzers that can offer more advantages over conventional techniques with a shorter measurement time and no requirement of auxiliary components.

Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers are ideal for fast and precise thermal control of externally connected applications.

Material Testing & Analysis

BCL has the best material testing and analysis solutions.

Products durability test Instruments

Our instruments for testing the durability of products have a wide range of solutions.

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Our solutions have been designed for delivering the ability to perform dimensional, positional, and surface measurements in a single system.

Surface and Form Metrology

Surface Metrology measurement helps to determine the overall shape of an object under test.


We have custom-designed industrial reactors that are matched for suiting your needs.

Thin Films Depositions

Check out our amazing range of thin film deposition solutions.

Rapid Thermal Processing

These systems are capable of processing process samples of a few mm² to up to 200 mm diameter along with manual loading.

AC DC Test and Measure

Mainly for quick and safe detection of the presence of any voltage, AC DC Test and Measurement equipment are used.

DC / RF Characterization

With DC and RF modeling of semiconductor devices, users are needed to collect a significant amount of measuring data from several wafers over a wide range of temperatures.

BCL can offer you the best solutions in the entire Middle East at affordable budgets. Contact us to know more.