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Microscopy & Sample preparation
10 Jan, 2021

Microscopy & Sample preparation

A very crucial and prerequisite step lies with sample preparation in the field of electron microscopy. Our offered range of solutions can give a comprehensive product portfolio for preparing medical, biological, and industrial samples. When you concentrate on the provided workflow solutions, you can get a completely aligned product range that is perfect for all your needs of precise preparation of samples in SEM, TEM, and AFM investigations. Our offered solutions comprise of perfectly geared to each other for forming a channeled workflow for the sample.

Application Areas –

Metallographic Testing

Metallographic Testing is done to examine the material samples on a microscopic level, by preparing a wide range of specimens with the process of mounting, grinding, polishing, and etching.

Scanning Electron Microscope

For directly studying the surfaces of the solid objects, the Scanning Electron microscope has been designed.


It is required to have the highest productivity whether it is the classical determination of protein according to Kjeldahl, reflux digestion with aqua regia, or direct distillation of steam-volatile compounds.

Freeze drying

Check out our Freeze-drying solutions that come with Infinite Technology and Control.

Evaporation & Extraction

BCL can offer you tailor-made Evaporation & Extraction solutions to cover a wide range of distinct needs and also achieving the highest convenience.

NIR Solutions

Get affordable, precise, and rapid results from our NIR Solutions which enables real-time decision making for higher productivity and enhanced quality.

Chromatography systems

Our supplied range of Chromatography systems which are combined with a broad range of high-performance flash chromatography columns has been designed for fulfilling all your changing needs.

Spray Drying & Encapsulation Solutions

BCL’s reliable, versatile, and proven solutions for Spray Drying and Microencapsulation cover a wide range of applications and can save time and cost.

Moisture & Nicotine in Tobacco Samples

We have brought in some engineered gauges and measurement solutions that can meet the precise product and performance requirements.

Atomic Force Microscope

Use our Atomic Force Microscopes for studying the samples at the nanoscale.

This is just a short glimpse of our wide gamut of solutions. For a more in-depth view, please get in touch with us today.