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Accelerated Weathering Test
20 Dec, 2022

Basics About Accelerated Weathering Test

Accelerated weathering testing is a type of weather test which is conducted to determine the measurements of future possibility of the materials’ durability under certain environmental conditions. In this test, stimulation of the natural conditions is generated using extreme weathering conditions to amp up the weathering process and assess their impacts on the materials.

Accelerated weathering test with xenon weathering instruments or other types of instruments helps to measure the level of degradation or corrosion of materials caused by certain weathers in advance. In accelerated testing, the effects of varied environmental conditions on raw materials, components and finished products are tested via the use of simulation.

The use of accelerated tests has the capabilities to test exposure to ultraviolet lights, corrosive environments, solar radiation, humid conditions and extreme temperatures. Continue to read till the end to find out more about accelerated weathering tests.

Accelerated Weather Testing Methods

Xenon Arc Test

One of the methods of accelerated weathering test is the xenon arc test which involves stimulation of the weathering process of indoor and outdoor sun exposure on materials through the suitable use of instruments.

This test is extremely beneficial in applications where coatings and paints need premium quality finishes that might be vulnerable to extreme levels of UV degradation.

Carbon Arc Test

Carbon arc testing method utilises a weathering system that releases ultraviolet, infrared and visible radiation when an electric current is passing between its cable rods. This method has the capacity to measure a product’s ability to resist deterioration of mechanical, electrical and optical characteristics when exposed to light and heat.

Solar Radiation

In solar radiation method, the stimulation of deteriorating physical and thermal effects of sunlight over the materials, components and finished products. This test method helps in the measurement of a product’s alterations during exposure and therefore, is able to make improved and durable products, no matter what the weather conditions are like. This method is a critical component in MIL-STD-810 and  DEF STAN 00-035 testing standards.

Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure Test

This test method utilizes fluorescent UV lamp weathering instruments to stimulate exposure to the natural sunlight. The test is designed for measuring the impact of ultraviolet light over the mechanical properties of a product.

Importance of Using Accelerated Weathering Test

With accelerated weathering tests, experts are able to discover how a product would react to certain weather conditions. This can be day-to-day weathering under normal conditions or seasonal fluctuations such as a natural calamity or heavy storms.

With the data obtained from the test, experts can make needed alterations and modifications to the product in order to improve their durability and make them more capable of withstanding these extreme or normal weather conditions.

If you are interested to find out more about xenon arc instruments or other accelerated weather testing then make sure to get in touch with an expert supplier now.