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Weather ometer
22 Jan, 2021

Weather Ometer

Weatherometer is a laboratory device that utilizes water along with high-powered light sources for stimulating long-term outside exposure. A wavelength of light from the sun which is Ultraviolet (UV) light is not visible to the human eye and can cause significant damages to plastics, paints, concrete finishes, and fabrics. Water which includes ocean saltwater and rainwater can target the finishes and degrade them. Indoor, ultraviolet, or other frequencies of light can be created by weather meter for testing products under controlled conditions and includes water spray for adding further effects of the environment.

Common Applications of Weatherometer –
•    Plastics
•    Automotive Materials
•    Paints and Coatings
•    Inks
•    Photovoltaics
•    Packaging
•    Pigments, Dyestuffs, Stabilizers, and Additives
•    Textiles including Industrial and Geotextiles

We offer you an innovative range of Weatherometers from Atlas. They have pioneered the innovation for companies for testing the weatherability of their products. They have brought the innovation from our industry-leading accelerated weathering equipment to the consulting services of our expert laboratory staff; we have a very clear approach to the market. BCL offers you extremely easy to use, advanced, and superior testing solutions for determining how long their products can last.