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Vacuum furnace
22 Jan, 2021

Vacuum furnace

BCL brings to the Middle East a wide range of vacuum furnace range that is manufactured by Carbolite Gero. This includes Vacuum Chamber Furnaces, Vacuum Bottom Loader Furnaces, and Vacuum Laboratory Furnaces. Each of these furnaces can be used with either an inert gas or reactive gas. The major range of products in our vacuum furnace range can be found with either graphite, metal, or ceramic insulation. At the order stage, several options can be found for the range of vacuum furnaces, which includes advanced data loggers, software, and sophisticated digital controllers. Over the operation of the vacuum furnace, these can facilitate additional control levels and offer complete data recording abilities.

The vacuum furnaces supplied by Carbolite Gero, offer a robust connection and can offer rapid and highly consisting heating inside a controlled atmosphere which makes them ideal for a wide number of heavy-duty laboratory and industrial applications. Vacuum furnaces are commonly used in a wide range of applications like annealing, brazing, sintering, drying, degassing, soldering, tempering, hardening and quenching.  For ceramic inject molding (CIM) or metal injection molding (MIM) along with siliconization, metallization, carbonization, and other types of industrial processes.

The bottom loading vacuum furnaces can allow for easy access to samples, the laboratory vacuum furnaces come with a much more compact design compared to others which makes them highly suited for a research environment. For determining the perfectly suited one for your use, give us a call today.