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Moisture control is a key parameter for tobacco and other industries such as food, feed, pharma and chemical. The need to keep products consistent is what determines the overall product quality and satisfaction of consumers.

BCL range of NDC online and lab moisture meters will help in at-line and online analysis of tobacco within seconds. These gauges will allow the accurate measurement of moisture and nicotine. The continuous control and at-line analysis eliminate the need for expensive and time taking in-house laboratory testing.

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Moisture & Nicotine in Tobacco Samples
Microscopy & Sample preparation
Moisture & Nicotine in Tobacco Samples

Globally, more than 7-5 million metric tons of tobacco are grown and used for the production of 5.5 trillion cigarettes. Various steps are needed for taking the tobacco leaf harvested from the fields and finally transforming it into many products like cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and others as it is a...