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Thin Films Deposition
22 Jan, 2021

Thin Films Depositions

The process for depositing and creating thin film coating over a substrate material is known as thin film deposition. These coatings are mainly made up of various materials which range from compounds to oxides. These coating also have various characteristics that are leveraged for improving or altering some element of the substrate performance. As an instance, some of them are very durable, some are transparent and resistant to scratch while some of them can decrease or increase the conductivity of electricity or signal transmission.

An important step for the production of several opto-electronic, medical, and solid-state products and devices lies with thin film deposition. It includes semiconductor lasers, consumer electronics, fiber lasers, optical filters, LED displays, precision optics, compound semiconductors, and microanalysis and microscopy sample slides along with medical implants. There are a few other methods and technologies which can be used for applying thin film coatings and a range of equipment and tools which can be used for streamlining or enhancing the process of thin-film deposition. In this line, there is no scope for one-size fitting all. On the production and performance requirements which can be unique to your application, the configuration and technique of choice can depend entirely.

Understanding all of these, Denton Vacuum has brought out a wide range of Thin Films Deposition Solutions which are supplied in the Middle East and GCC region by BCL.