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Thermodynamics in UAE
08 Apr, 2022

Is thermodynamics vital in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is a major branch that provides a rewarding career to students. The heart of mechanical engineering is thermodynamics. Any engine or any process follows the law of thermodynamics.

If we talk about automobiles, the base of the working mainly comes from several processes of thermodynamics such as the Diesel cycle, Otto cycle and so on. Next coming to refrigeration, the procedure that happens is based on laws of thermodynamics and every analysis of refrigeration can be done after knowing thermodynamics.

In short, you can say that thermodynamics is an important branch of mechanical engineering. If you want to be a mechanical engineer, you should have a good command of thermodynamics


BCL brings a great range of training aid that covers a broad range of disciplines of mechanical engineering. Our mechanical engineering laboratory solutions efficiently allow the educational institutions to set up a platform for pupils to achieve practical insights on the tools.

Our supplied range of Mechanical Engineering Training Laboratory solutions are specially designed to deliver simplicity and balance in the applications. With great collaboration with the eminent company, Armfield, we have brought a "TH Series – Thermodynamics" that can help the students to nurture this genre.


What are the features of the TH Range?


There are many features of the TH range. Some of them are:


• This range presents the fundamental principles of thermodynamics to pupils.


• The equipment begins with basic concepts like temperature & pressure measurement and steers the introduction of the relationship between those fundamentals, first & second law of thermodynamics, principles of entropy, reversibility, enthalpy and so on.


• This range of tools permits the pupils to obtain true practical knowledge of mentioned below principles-

a) TH1 – Temperature Measurement and Calibration b) TH2 – Pressure, Measurement and Calibration c) TH3 – Saturation Pressure d) TH4 – Recycle Loops d) TH5 – Expansion Processes of a Perfect Gas e) TH6 – Film & dropwise condensation demonstration unit


• Every electrical sensor can be very easily logged by using a personal computer (we do not supply). Optional software for teaching is there for data logging.


• Each thermometric property & temperature that is measured will be displayed on the digital meter that will come with the selector switch.

• Our range of TH series is designed for extremely safe operation and comes with insulation surrounding the vessel.

• A shield of radiation protects the sensors to be scaled for minimizing errors of measurements.


What are the applications of thermodynamics?


Applications of thermodynamics in mechanical engineering are colossal. Let us see what are those:


a)Air Conditioning System Using Water 

b) Development of Chiller Systems

c) Power generation from the geothermal energy by using a thermosyphon heat pipe. In power plants, the Rankine cycle, regeneration, reheats etc. comes from the laws of thermodynamics.

d) Heat Engines and heat pumps