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Thermal Insulation – Fast, Versatile and Precise

There is enormous potential, especially in the areas of insulation materials and the efficient thermal insulation. Thus, it is all the more important for insulating materials to be manufactured with a high and steady level of quality and brought onto the market under the strict control of their performance characteristics.

Thermal conductivity and diffusivity are the most important thermophysical material parameters for the description of the heat transport properties of a material or component. The Laser Flash technique (LFA) has proven itself a fast, versatile, and precise absolute method for accurately measuring thermophysical properties like thermal diffusivity.

Our solutions in this field have proven to be a versatile, fast, and precisely absolute method for the accurate measurement of thermophysical properties.

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Thermal Insulation
Testing & Characterization
Thermal Insulation

The process of reducing the heat transfer among objects in thermal contact or in a range of radiative influence is known as thermal insulation. The process comprises of low expanded polystyrene thermal conductivity materials which are combines for achieving a much lower system th...