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Surface and Form Metrology
22 Jan, 2021

Surface and Form Metrology

Surface Profilometer
In metrology, a surface profilometer is an instrument that is used for any product’s topographical characterization of the uppermost layers. Being a multipoint form of measurement, it can consider the primary form of material and the sub-micron variations in the texture of its surface that are characterized conventionally as surface roughness and dimensional fractality. Contribution towards a directional pattern or lay can be contributed by these features that can have a wide impact on the physical properties of the material remaining under observation.

Form Measurement
In metrology, form measurements are conventionally done with the use of a sensitive stylus that can make direct contact with the surface of the objects under test. To a sensitive gauge that can be used for detecting variation in the surface over the nanometric scale, this stylus can be used which in turn is connected to an orientation mechanism and a high-precision spindle. Depending on the equipment underuse and the requirements of measurement, the capabilities of these components can dramatically vary.

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