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22 Jan, 2021


For supporting the various laboratory operations in the Middle East and GCC region, BCL in association with Amar Equipments has brought out a wide range of Reactors. So, what can you find in our impeccable product inventory? Let’s have a look –

Glass Autoclave Pressure Reactor
The Glass Autoclave Pressure Reactor is designed to be used for different types of reactions and various pressure applications. Our supplied pressure reactor systems have been designed for rigorous daily use in pilot plants, laboratories, and small-scale production facilities.

High-Pressure Gas Induction Reactors
Amar Equipments are renowned for creating high-pressure reactor, industrial reactor, jacketed reactor, and hydrogenator reactor having capacities more than 100ltr volume which is designed custom for suiting various client needs.

Multiple Parallel Reactor Synthesizer
Multiple reactor systems which consist of multiple autoclaves & parallel reactors in either parallel or series are manufactured by Amar. As parallel synthesizers for high-pressure applications, these automated reactors can be used. In a wide range of designs, construction material, and pressure/temperature range, multi reactor systems can be found

Corrosion Testing System
The most favoured among the various applications of high-pressure autoclaves is the electrochemical corrosion testing at high pressure and high temperature. They have been designed custom with the help of corrosion coupon handles and coupon holders according to the requirements of the clients.

Acid Digestion Bombs Vessel
Acid digestion vessels which are also known as acid digestion bombs are a variation of hydrothermal reactors that are used for dissolving samples in several strong acids.

Fluidized Bed Reactors
Fluidized bed reactor systems which are manufactured by Amar can ensure even temperature distribution via the burning zone while the solid catalyst particles with the use of gas of high velocity are suspended freely.