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Patchi Chocolate Manufacturing Plant Dubai

Product Supplied:

  • Complete Laboratory Furniture from Mott Manufacturing Canada
  • Stability Chamber KK240, Incubator, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer from Pol-Eko Poland
  • Safemate EZ, Biosafety Cabinet from Bioair Italy
  • GW 0160S, Glassware Washer from Smeg Italy
  • Choco meter, Aasted, Denmark
  • Compact 60, PS/MID/C60, Autoclave from Priorclave UK
  • ELF 5L, Furnace from Carbolite UK
  • Aflatoxin Analyzer, Raptor system, Neogen USA
  • Various other equipments and Consumables

Client Details:    Industrial Development Company for Chocolate & Confectionaries Manufacturing (Patchi)