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Pressure vessels
22 Jan, 2021

Pressure vessels & Reactors

High-pressure reactors are extremely easy-to-use multipurpose laboratory reactors that have been designed for the synthesis of hydrogenation, organic compound, polymerization, and other chemical reactions that fall under pressure. For testing of new materials, photochemical research and other industries are research areas; they can be also used in places where it is needed to have high pressure. In volume capacities of up to 5000ml from 25ml, Laboratory reactors can be found. Our supplied series of reactors are mainly made up of either AISI 316L stainless steel or AISI 316Ti / Hastelloy S-276 alloy for aggressive media. Glass protective inserts or PTFE can be found.

At up to 250-500 °C, the maximum operating temperature inside a high-pressure reactor can reach. With the help of a laboratory hotplate or a magnetic stirrer, the heating of reactors with volumes up to 500ml can be carried out. For reactors having volumes of 700ml or more, a heating mantle and advanced temperature control systems are also used. By overhead stirrers having magnetic couplings, effective mixing is offered.

Amar Equipments are famous for producing high-pressure reactors having the highest operating pressures of around 200 and 50 bar. Users can also save time for settling the rector up with special fast locking and prevent the error from the operator in a reactor assembly. BCL can supply you with this exceptional range of equipment in the Middle East and GCC region.