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top-loading & front-loading autoclave in UAE
16 May, 2022

How to Select the Perfect Autoclave for Your Laboratory?

Autoclave is an essential equipment in many research and development facilities where this machine is used for elevated temperature and pressure. It is used as a sterilizer machine to protect different apparatus such as bioreactors, flasks, fermenters, etc.

Now, autoclaves come in many shapes and sizes. They are even available in a combination setup such as top-loading & front-loading autoclave. At BCL, we offer top-loading autoclaves that are perfect for accommodating tallest equipment and can also be used for waste processing especially in large batches.

However, as autoclaves are available in various shapes and sizes, it becomes overwhelming to choose the ideal solution that would be fitting for your laboratory. This is why, to help you out on your journey to find the perfect autoclave, we bring you a few crucial factors that you need to consider when selecting this machine.

Keep reading till the end to find out all about them.

Size of the autoclave

It is one of the key factors that you are required to consider when looking for an ideal autoclave. You must ensure that the autoclave you choose is able to accommodate the largest items.

The size of autoclaves is generally measured in litres, the unit that measures the total volume of the chamber from inside. However, one must note that the effective autoclave’s chamber size is actually smaller than the inside chamber’s size, therefore, the extent of which is based on the configuration of the chamber and the racks that are fitted within.

It is important to determine with certitude the exact capacity per cycle according to the autoclave’s inner configuration. As for certain autoclave units the media is not readily available. Our BCL range of autoclaves have full disclosure of capacity information so that customers can get the best performance from the use of this product.

Sterilisation Media Type

The autoclave machines either function with gravity, vacuum induced or pre-vacuum sterilization methods. Although there are some autoclaves that run on the combination of both the methods for sterilization.

For the most general type of sterilization media that includes utensils, glassware and non-porous items, the use of gravity displacement steam autoclaves is preferred. On the contrary, for large and non-porous items, for example – blankets, vacuum type sterilising media is suggested.

Make sure to consider the sterilization media type in order to find the best autoclave for your laboratory.

Throughput Capacity

This is another crucial factor which you need to keep in mind when selecting an autoclave. Throughput capacity helps you determine whether the autoclave is appropriate for the number of autoclaving media that is required to be sterilised regularly.

The best autoclave is one whose throughput volume is similar to the maximum throughput that your lab would need per cycle and day. Even though the autoclaving media sterilization requirements influences the cycle time, autoclaves have varied warm-up and cooling times which gets included in the overall cycle time.

This is why it is recommended to go for autoclaves with certain advanced features such as cooling fans that can greatly accelerate this process which can result in enabling more cycles in a day and with higher throughput.

Our BCL top-loading & front-loading autoclave comes with value-added features that can offer experts optimum performance.