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Microscopic technologies
22 Jan, 2021


Based on new materials and innovative manufacturing processes, countless new products whose success would only have been possible without materialography, the visual evaluation and representation of inner microstructures, the associated improvement of material properties, quality assurance in production, and optimization of processes.

No matter the objective are damage analysis, quality assurance or development, and research in our accredited materialography laboratories for examining both non-metallic and metallic of several compositions for using appropriate quantitative and qualitative characterization procedures. This comprises of the test preparation process and the use of all microscopic methods ranging from electron and light microscopy for the analysis, documentation, and evaluation of microscopic research results. By further materials analysis, the investigations can be supplemented and supported, physical and technological procedures. BCL is a Technology Management Company having a futuristic outlook along with a commitment to customer satisfaction at every step. From us, you can get an exceptional range of Materiolography solutions which are manufactured by BUEHLER. They are the leading manufacturer of metallographic testing equipment in the world including scientific supplies and instruments for cross-sectional material testing. If you have any requirements in the Middle East and GCC region, then don’t hesitate to contact us.