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Asterion DC in UAE
04 Apr, 2022

How can the Asterion DC series be beneficial for you?

How can the Asterion DC series be beneficial for you?


Programmable power supplies supply power that offers users with capabilities of remote control to output voltage through an analog control signal that can be easily regulated by using a rotary switch or keypad. USB or some other interfaces can also be used. While selecting the right programmable power supply, there are many factors to be taken into consideration mainly in regards to the situation and for what you are planning to use them for.


BCL has been supplying top quality programmable power supplies from one of the trusted companies AMETEK. Their Asterion DC Series is known for high performance, which the users can easily rely on.


The DC power supplies merge both flexibility and intelligence in order to make an advanced platform of the DC solutions (1.7, 3.4, 5.0 & 10 kilowatt). This latest DC series comes with two kinds of product lines and they are: a) Fixed range b) Autoranging.


If we talk about the fixed range power supplies, they are cost-efficient and conventional rectangular wave output supplies with good operational benefits with the Asterion platform. Whereas, the auto-ranging power supplies promote expanded current & voltage range at full output power level. It allows the ability to fulfil broad testing requirements with no need for additional models. 


What are the main features of the Asterion DC Series?


a) Control through Front Panel Touch Screen and Enoder -  Asterion DC series can be easily operated from an inbuilt and hassle-free front panel touchscreen or USB, ethernet LXI, or some other standard control interfaces. It can also be operated via a GPIB control interface (it is optional). Its touch screen function icons consist of a dashboard, output programming parameters, sequencing, measurements, applications, control interfaces along with swift system settings. You can select the function and parameter entry by either direct selection from a touchscreen or by the usage of the encoder button. The control resolution can be regulated through an effective dynamic rate change algorithm that amalgamates the advantages of accurate control over very few changes in the parameters with fast sweeps through the full range. 


b) Graphical user interface - Asterion DC series have the finest graphical user interface that permits users to program, monitor as well as control any of those power supplies remotely. Every operation can be done by directly working with the front panel controls of the unit remotely with the virtual panels.


Some other features of the Asterion DC series are:


> It has a high power density that comes in the 1U chassis (it is up to 5 kilowatts) or 2U chassis (it is up to 10 kilowatts).

> By keeping in mind its global demand, Asterion DC Series supports multi-language display.

> For higher power, it comes equipped with an automatic paralleling system.


What are the applications of the Asterion DC series?


Asterion DC series can be used in several automated equipment testing, calibration applications and certification.