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Robotics Kit in UAE
21 Oct, 2022

A Quick Guide for Setting Up Robotics/STEM Training Lab for Students

Over the next few decades in the future, there will be massive workforce transition in the history of mankind. The rapid increase in technological advancement will give us new opportunities while also shutting down many backdated operations that would fall short in keeping up with the ever-progressive technology.

It is being predicted that the significant majority of remaining jobs shall be transformed and applicants will require robotics literacy and skills to adapt to the transition. This is why more and more students are opting for STEM and robotics education as its scope is flourishing day by day.

However, organizing a division in schools and education institutes for introducing students to robotics and STEM literacy at an early age involves complexity. The lack of information and knowledge to setup Robotics/STEM training labs requires fulfillment of specific instructions and requirements.

Below enumerated are a few things that need to be kept in mind and considered in successfully setting up Robotics/STEM training labs.

Finding ample information about programming and robotics

Make sure to remember that there is not enough knowledge about completing a professional course. This means that the setup is intended for introducing students to the basics of this education.

The lab setup must be such that it provides students with the fundamentals of robotics and STEM study and potentially what this knowledge could have for the students.

At larger perspective, students shall be benefited from learning coding at personal and professional area

While the former category is straight forward and also visible in several statistics related to the job market. It has been observed that today almost 90% of all job positions available in the market demand for at least elementary level IT skills.

According to a research conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development it is anticipated that a dozen years later, when today’s students will become adults, they will most likely be applying and employed for jobs that haven't emerged yet. This also leads to the fact that other different skills such as programming and computational thinking are growing in demand.

In fact, it shouldn't be surprising that modern technologies are practically everywhere. Therefore, benefits from learning programming at an early age through Robotics/STEM workshops and training labs can open new opportunities for the students in their career.

Introducing VEX IQ Robotics Kit

The VEX IQ Robotics Kit is a perfect solution that can be incorporated in the training labs in schools and educational institutes. The kit consists of all the fundamental knowledge and essential learning tools about basic robotics and STEM.

It includes VEX IQ Construction System that contains snap-together, plastic pieces specifically designed for the dexterity of the young hands. With this system, students are introduced to the simple knowledge of building robots.

Also, with VEXcode, students are introduced to the coding environment that helps them learn about the starter lessons of coding. The intuitive layout of this system helps in meeting students at their coding level.

To learn more about VEX IQ Robotics Kit, make sure to get in touch with the experts at BCL now.