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Measuring Machine in UAE
26 Oct, 2022

All You Need to Know About Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Knowing the precise dimensions and geometric characteristics of parts is a very important criteria when it comes to the manufacturing prototypes or actual parts of the products. This is because a smallest error in dimension measurements can cause trouble and interference for the entire manufacturing process.

Hence, in order to eliminate this challenge, a high tolerance measuring machine was founded and that we all know as CMM machine or Coordinate Measuring Machine. This machine plays a key role in maintaining the overall workflow in product manufacturing.

But rarely do the masses know about this vital and popularly used precision solution. Continue to read till the end to learn all the basics about coordinate measuring machines now.

What is a CMM?

Let’s tackle the most basic question which is what exactly is a CMM. CMM is the abbreviation for Coordinate Measuring Machine that is used in the manufacturing process of prototypes or actual products.

For every manufacturing process, precise geometric and physical dimensions are significant. There are generally two main methods used for this, one that involves the use of optical comparators or measuring hand tools and the other is CMM machine.

The former one requires extreme expertise and is still prone to encountering a lot of errors. But CMM machines have coordinate technology that includes dimensions open to measurements such as width, height and depth in the X, Y and Z axis.

Based on the sophistication of CMM machines, users are allowed to measure the target and record the data that are measured.

The Importance of Using CMM Machine

The traditional methods that are involved in measuring the parts have several restrictions and limitations. For instance, there is a requirement for experience and skills in the operator for inspecting the parts. If these are not represented well then chances are this will lead into supplying parts that aren’t good enough.

Another reason includes the sophistication of the parts that are manufactured at the present day. The massive advancement in the technological sector has resulted in developing complex parts as well. This demands for the use of a CMM machine which is better fitted for the process.

The CMM machine features the accuracy and speed to repeatedly measure the parts in a better way than the traditional methods involved. It also helps in improving productivity while minimizing the tendency of encountering errors in the measuring process.

All in all, with the use of CMM machines, operators are able to save money, time and improve efficiency of the overall manufacturing process.

Components of CMM Machine

There are a handful of important components that perform different functions in delivering the overall operation. These components are -

  • Probe - This is a critical component responsible for measuring action.
  • Granite Table - It contributes to taking highly accurate measurements due to its stable nature.
  • Fixtures - Important tools used as agents of support and stability in manufacturing operations.
  • Air Compressors & Dryers - These are important components in gantry-type and standard bridge CMMs.
  • Software - It is not a physical component, however, noted among important components of CMM machines as it is responsible for analyzing probes and other sensitivity components.

If you want to learn more about Coordinate Measuring Machines then make sure to get in touch with the best suppliers now.