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Bridge Gantry Horizontal CMM in UAE
10 Nov, 2022

A Brief Guide to Know Different Types of CMMs

The Coordinate Measuring Machine is an essential tool that plays an important role in the manufacturing process as it maintains workflow. It is an instrument that measures the dimensions of a machine/tool parts with the use of its coordinating technology.

The dimensions that are open for taking measurements include height, width and depth in the X, Y and Z axis. Now there are different types of CMMs based on their structural arms such as Bridge Gantry Horizontal CMM. In this blog, we will discuss various types of CMMs available and how they are used.

Keep reading till the end to find out about different CMM types and their role in the manufacturing process.

Bridge Type CMM

This is the most common type of CMM. It is furthermore classified into moveable-tables and moveable-bridges. The Bridge style structure CMM provides a very stable anchor for the measuring apparatus.

Both portable and fixed machine units are available for this type of CMM. In contrast to laboratory machines, the Bridge Type CMMs are generally hardened to be positioned in the standing up direction to the rigors of the machine shop floor.

But most Bridge Type CMMs are limited to measuring small and/or medium sized parts that can be conveniently lifted and placed in the table.

Cantilever Type CMM

Cantilever type CMMs are quite interesting as they are only supported at one point. This makes them less rigid than the ones that use two-point support. Cantilever type CMMs are specifically used for the measurement of small parts.

However, they have one advantage that allows accessing the parts from three sides rather than only from just one or two sides.

Gantry Type CMM

This type of CMMs are used for the measurement of large products like the automobiles in which the floor itself can serve the purpose of a datum.

This type of structure eliminates the need of lifting an article over the table and hence making them useful for heavy machine parts. Due to their huge size, they are more expensive than other style CMMs.

However, their utility makes them essential for machine shops that involve churning of large and hefty parts.

Horizontal Type CMM

The above three mentioned CMM types include vertical mounting of probes, however, in this type of CMM, as the name suggests the probe is mounted horizontally.

These machines are specifically suited for measuring slender and long parts that would be otherwise out of the range of the standard CMM. Even though they are useful for this type of application, the measurements from Horizontal Type CMMs are not as accurate as others.

CMMs are important tools that are essential in the manufacturing process. To get the best quality CMMs make sure to get in touch with expert CMM suppliers and enquire about them.