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Aerospace Training Lab Solutions in UAE
20 May, 2022

A Quick Guide for Choosing Aerospace Training Lab Essentials

The demand for aerospace engineers is booming each day. It is one of the most thought-provoking fields of study and profession. The requirement for practical learning is as essential as theory-based knowledge.

This is why all aerospace institutes worldwide have a demand for high-quality aerospace training lab solutions that can deliver the best hands-on learning experience for aspiring students. At BCL, we offer a wide range of aerospace/aviation training laboratory essentials that are designed for practical learning experience.

Keep reading more to learn more about the aerospace training lab equipment that are must-have items in any aerospace/aviation training laboratory.

Advance Autopilot System Trainer

It is a training set that is aimed for understanding and learning the operations of the three-axis autopilot system found in aircrafts. This type of training set is generally interactive in order to deliver the most hands-on, fast and easy learning experience.

With the help of this autopilot system trainer, trainees can get into flying with simulation and also are able to observe the autopilot system operations. They can witness how this impacts the structural control parts of an aircraft promptly.

Students can gain the following practical training from this equipment –

  •     Enables to learn the basis of a modern autopilot system
  •     Establish the functions of each subsystem
  •     Deliver hands-on guidance with the manual functions of flight controls
  •     Simulate how the maintenance of autopilot system works
  •     Simulate similar controls when an aircraft is put in autopilot mode
  •     Introduces students to potential faults in the system so they can gain practical knowledge of troubleshooting the system errors in a controlled environment

Cockpit Instrumentation System Trainer

This type of system trainer is designed for simulating the fully functional aircraft cockpit. It typically comprises essential engine, flight and pitot-static instruments so that the trainees can get the most hand-on practical experience.

It acts as a demonstration tool for instructors so that they can provide the required training in the most efficient way possible. The cockpit instrumentation system trainer allows the expert to show the principles of altimeter, gyros and other engine instruments.

Instructors are also able to demonstrate the removal and replacement of these instruments so that trainees can get in-depth knowledge of a typical aircraft cockpit. The gyro function is replicated with the help of a mechanism where the instrument panel can tilt, turn and swivel.

There is also a control yoke found in this training equipment in order to move the instrument panel so that it is able simulate the alterations in aircraft altitudes.

Aircraft Hydraulic Landing Gear Trainer

Another essential training equipment includes the Aircraft Hydraulic Gear Trainer set that provides hands-on training for aircraft maintenance effectively. This practical training instrument assures that trainees gain the learning of maintaining the landing gear system in accordance to the safety standards.

This gear trainer set includes a display of the landing gear mechanism similar to an actual aircraft. It consists of all the components and assemblies of a real-life hydraulic landing gear system.

Aside from these, there are several other lab equipment essentials that shape the practical training laboratory of an aerospace institution.