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Leading laboratory freeze drying solutions

Freeze drying, is also known as lyophilisation. This is a technique used for preservation of perishables such as food and items which deteriorate if not refrigerated. Freeze drying can be performed under conditions of decreased temperature as well as pressure. Freeze drying is being widely used in different applications such as Food & Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Research & Development, Nutraceutical, edible cultures. Life Science, Vaccine development.

BCL solutions for freeze drying are unparalleled with innovative technologies from Buchi. With Infinite-Technology the freeze dryers offer continuous sublimation for the first time with two alternately working and automatically hygienically cleansed condensers at -105 °C. In addition, Infinite-Control™ allows entire process control of all relevant parameters, also via mobile devices.

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Freeze drying
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Freeze drying

Being a highly renowned supplier of impeccable solutions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, our equipment stands for quality, high performance and reliability with hassle-free operation. Every freeze dryer which we supply from BUCHI has been designed for helping our customers for the creation of...