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Electrical and Power Engineering Training
22 Jan, 2021

Electrical / Power Engineering Training Lab Solutions

Electrical Energy is the most familiar form of energy in our regular lives. This branch of engineering mainly involved the production, utilization, and management of electrical energy. In the middle of the 19th century, this branch of engineering was introduced in an orderly fashion and after the invention of electricity, interest in this field of study started to grow. Till the present day, electrical engineers are trying to manage the usage of electrical energy. On the field of electromagnetism, this field of engineering is based.

BCL offers you a wide range of solutions ranging from Machines & Drives, Smart Grids & Power Simulators, and Control & Instrumentation for designing your labs with precision. Our core electrical instruments can blend the system training and component=based for enhancing the practical implementation. For quickly turning your classrooms into a fully-fledged lab, we have a whole bunch of cutting-edge training solutions that have been manufactured and designed by Lucas Nuelle, the most renowned brand in the world. For all your requirements in the region, you can call us immediately.