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Coordinate Measuring Machines
22 Jan, 2021

Co-ordinate Measuring Machines

Measurements were visually taken with the use of an optical comparator or hand tools at first. But these tools need significant time and come with limited accuracy. A coordinate measuring machine on the other hand can measure the width, height, and depth of the part with the use of coordinate processing technology. Adding to that, these machines can measure the target automatically, obtain GD&T measurements, and record the measured data. A co-ordinate measuring machine can either be a contact model that uses touch probes which is a spherical object that is used for performing the measurements or a non-contact model that can use other methods like lasers and cameras. Some of the models which are designed for the automotive industry can also measure targets that are larger than 10.

With a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), users can measure items which are tough to measure with other measure machine having high accuracy. For measuring the three-dimensional coordinates of a specific point, it becomes difficult from the virtual origin along with a hand tool like a micrometer or caliper. With other measuring machines, the measurement with the help of virtual lines and point along with geometrical tolerances are tough but they can be easily measured with a 3D CMM machine.

Benefits of our supplied Co-ordinate Measuring Machines –

All of our offered solutions from LK Metrology have been certified to ISO 10360-12 standard.

The encoder referencing is eliminated, you can just switch on and start measuring.

Probe swaps are allowed without re-calibration.

The measurement control is directly put into the user’s hand.