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Oil Analysis in UAE
30 Mar, 2022

The Significance of Oil Analysis in Marine Industry

Marine equipment maintenance and reliability is important and yet the tools and solutions available are expensive. However, oil analysis is a daily routine, the application of which enables you to maintain marine equipment in standard conditions and that too at minimal cost.

It only makes sense that the vast marine industry utilizes on-site oil analysis consistently to ensure equipment health and uptime. Now, when it comes to the marine industry, there are mainly three markets that are targeted and they are – Marine Naval Forces, Cruise Lines and Merchant Fleets.

Keep reading till the end to learn about the role and significance of oil analysis in the marine industry.

Marine Naval Forces

Naval Forces are one of the essential lines of defense for countries around the world. Countries showcase their power and influence with the help of using naval forces. However, the equipment for naval forces to successfully operate requires constant maintenance and reliability.

The use of on board oil analysis is employed for the naval force market that enables equipment health analysis and save from major breakdowns.

Cruise Lines

Cruise lines belong to the entertainment and tourism industry and it is a rapidly increasing domain of the marine market. With this domain, the counties reap the rewards of high profitability, therefore, the equipment reliability is important and oil analysis can offer that.

Importance of Oil Analysis in Marine

Apart from the main engine, there are other lubricant based assets in marine equipment such as gear reducers, hydraulics, air compressors, etc. that require oil analysis to know their running conditions.

With plenty of lubricant assets on-board, the maintenance of each component can be complicated and that is why constant monitoring is more than important. The on-site oil analysis solutions help in achieving constant monitoring and ensuring tracking of these essential components.

Any abnormality in the equipment can be detected from the regular oil analysis and is readily informed. The equipment experts can rapidly take appropriate actions to address those failures and get the equipment up and running in no time. Therefore, the uptime is maximized and breakdowns are prevented.

Machineries onboard ships consistently require lubrication. With lubricants applied, the machineries run efficiently and smoothly. The use of standard and grades of lubricating oils is stored typically in assigned lube oil drums or tanks.

However, lube oils have a limited period of operation. The stored lube oil in tanks may surpass the limitation and using such lubrication can impact the machineries of ships onboard.

For the maintenance of lube oil properties and to check whether the lube oils are valid for implementation of lubrication or not, you need to engage in an oil analysis program. With quality oil analysis, experts can determine the overall quality of lubricating oils.

The reports obtained from analysis aids in taking better decisions toward engine failures and breakdowns. In fact, the prior analysis enables to prevent any breakdowns and ensure the marine industry doesn’t encounter the challenges.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to choose the suitable oil analysis for smooth operations in the marine industry.