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’Chromatography’ is an analytical technique widely used for separating the components, or solutes, of a mixture on the basis of the relative amounts of each solute distributed between a moving fluid stream, called the mobile phase, and a contiguous stationary phase. The mobile phase may be either a liquid or a gas, while the stationary phase is either a solid or a liquid.

The need for chromatographic techniques that provide increased resolution, molecular structure elucidation, sensitivity, and separation power, along with decreased analysis times and detection limits, has become critical for applications ranging from environmental analyses, chemical syntheses, polymer characterizations to toxicological investigations, pharmaceutical, and especially in areas of textile research. To meet this need, techniques that combine various chromatographic methods, as well as ones that incorporate analytical techniques into traditional chromatography systems, have evolved. The result of this wide range of pairings is a new world of separation and analysis technology that is simultaneously as flexible, efficient, and precise as any specific application may necessitate.

We BCL being a leading analytical solution provider, we provide complete chromatography solution with innovative technology. Our chromatography solutions range from flash and preparative chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC). The complementary range of detectors are UV-VIS, ELSD, RID, DAD, Mass spectrometry, FID, TCD, NCD, SCD, ECD.

For your smooth and continuous operation, we also provide complete range of chromatography consumables such as columns, vials, lamps, inserts, liners, detectors and other accessories.

Please take advantage our expert application and service support to help you with choosing right chromatography solution for your laboratory needs.

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Chromatography systems
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Chromatography systems

Every equipment which is required for the preparation of sample is included in our Chromatography Systems which comprises of program software and a power source. In all the areas of biotechnology which can be small research laboratories or even large manufacturing plants, Chromatography Systems can be foun...