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Training instruments developed to build confidence among the trainees

We introduce state-of-the-art solutions providing quality instruments for petroleum testing. These solutions are most commonly used in the petroleum labs to conduct experiments on petroleum products, by-products, natural gas, and other products. BCL’s petrochemical training range of instruments include viscosity, flash point, Pressure Volume Testing, Continuous Stirred Reactors, Tubular Reactors, Plug Flow Reactors, Fixed and Fluidized Bed Apparatus, Liquid – Liquid Extraction, Solid – Liquid Extraction, Filter Presses, Tray Dyer.

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Chemical Petroleum Training Lab Solutions
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Chemical Petroleum Training Lab Solutions

Modern Chemical Engineering Laboratories have a wide range of instruments for meeting the entire gamut of computational and experimental research. The Process Control Instruments comprises of Temperature Laboratory, Pressure Laboratory, and Flow Laboratory. Testing of crude oils, fuels, petroleum feed-stoc...