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Box Compression Tester in UAE
10 Jun, 2022

The Ultimate Benefits of Using Box Compression Tester in Packaging

Packaging of products heavily influences the performance of transportation and shipping industries. Therefore, a good-quality box holds an important role in the packaging process as it helps in delivering the products to the intended consumers without any damage.

But how can you ensure that the boxes that are being used for packaging are high-quality? This is where the use of a box compression tester comes in handy. This advanced instrument is used for conducting tests for compression strength of corrugated boxes and ensuring if the boxes are capable of withstanding external impact or not.

It is important for industries involved in shipping and logistics to test the durability of boxes so that the boxes are able to deliver maximum protection to the materials that are packed inside. Continue to read till the end to find out the ultimate benefits of using box compression testers in packaging.

1. Ideal for businesses that ships products

Businesses that are associated with the packaging industry have the requirement for this instrument as it ensures that the products that are to be delivered are not damaged. The tester helps them identify whether the boxes used are fit for packaging the particular product or not.

As it is to be noted that some products might be fragile than the others and the packaging boxes must be sturdier. The box compression tester helps in learning the sturdiness of the boxes by its compression strength test.

Therefore, enabling the businesses to use the correct type of corrugated boxes and other boxes.

2. It aids in saving more time

Shipping of products or goods is an extremely vital business and if any error or defect is identified in the packaging then it can ruin the entire quality of the product. The majority of packaging companies make use of corrugated boxes as they ensure careful delivering of products.

However, it is still essential to test the capacity of these boxes and with the help of this instrument employees can check the strength of corrugated boxes without any hassle. The testing involves no complicated process and this readily saves time for testing the reliability of boxes without suffering from any potential product damage.

3. Determines load capacity of materials

This instrument also helps in determining the load capacity of the packaging materials so that businesses can pack product or goods as per the capacity. Some corrugated boxes may have less loading capacity; therefore, those can be used for packing lighter products.

As the box compression tester is designed to learn the effectiveness of packaging material by using the compression force to it. It only makes sense how much load the particular packaging box can handle.

4. Enables testing package strength before even opening

Box compression testers can help in figuring out package strength before you even open the boxes. This will ensure limited boxes go to waste as you already know which box to choose for packing which item or products.

This also helps in storing of the packaging boxes as per their load-bearing capacities and making the entire process more seamless.

We at BCL offer a high-performance box compression tester unit equipped with advanced technology.