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Training & Education
10 Jan, 2021

Training & Education

It is now mandatory and extremely important to train the students and trainees with an advanced range of modern-day technologies due to the gradual advancements in the technologies. With a more focused look on the practical knowledge, it is important to make them aware about the emerging technologies or the upcoming technologies which are in the pipeline. For evolving and offering the students and trainees with a modern-day closer to real-life experience at their training centres, Training & Education Solutions are important. They can help them to be ready about all type of on field challenges. BCL has created an epic product range by keeping about all of these in mind.

Mechanical Engineering Training Lab Solutions

We have cutting–edge range of solutions, to help students get in-depth knowledge and idea about the basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering.

Electrical / Power Engineering Training Lab Solutions

Due to the rapid advancements of the technologies of this field, an advanced range of Electrical and Power Engineering Training Lab Solutions are required.

Electronics Engineering Training Lab Solutions

It is now mandatory to introduce modern education and training solutions as the field of field of electronics engineering is getting more and more sophisticated and complicated.

Chemical Petroleum Training Lab Solutions

Our Chemical Petroleum Training Lab Solutions are designed for allowing investigation and teaching into the world of Chemical Engineering.

Aviation / Aerospace Training Lab Solutions

The trainees can get a real-life life view of the Aviation and Aerospace industry with our supplied range of Aviation / Aerospace Training Lab Solutions which helps them to learn about preventive measures during several situations.

Civil and Agriculture Training Lab Solutions

Get our hand on our modern range of training solutions which are required to make future professionals accustomed with real-world scenarios.

CNC Machining Solutions

Our advanced range of CNC Machining Solutions is loved by our clients as they meet all of their needs easily.

Science Experimental Setups

The best way to learn Science is via experiments and our range of Science Experimental Setups can help students for learning the subjects in a different approach.

S.T.E.M /Robotics

To build the required capability skills of the future, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education solutions brings in an integrated learning approach.

School & Library Products

Give your classrooms and libraries a lively, engaging and healthy learning environment.


BCL makes it easier for you to preserve your rare collections, family heirlooms, artworks or any other valuable possessions from getting damaged with high class Archival Solutions.

For more information about our range and product details, please contact with us today.