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Research Solution
10 Jan, 2021

Research Solution

It is very necessary and essential to have laboratory research that can determine the pathway of the future. Having rapid and growing advancements in the division of science, the research laboratories of the entire world have come a long way in evolution. It is needed to support these extremely important divisions with a comparatively updated range of instruments. With cutting edge range of solutions, the Research Solution division mainly deals with a cutting edge range of solutions that are responsible for making the research market long and running.

Application Areas –

  • Autoclaves

For the sterilization of laboratory applications, autoclaves are the easiest, safest, and accurate solution.

  • Pressure vessels & Reactors

Pressure reactors can be used for several chemical reactions other applications like hydrogenation, catalyst screening, polymerization, and corrosion testing.

  • Vacuum furnace

Metals can be heated by vacuum furnaces up to a very high temperature and processes like brazing, sintering, and heat treatment can be carried out.

  • Material analysis

To determine the suitability of your material, it is important for having an understanding of the properties of the materials.

  • Weather Ometer

Weather Ometer testing helps for reducing the risks of premature product failure, fast stability screening of new materials, optimizing the use of costly additives, and comparing with the competition.

  • Materialography

With the target of a qualitative and quantitative description of the microstructure of the material that allows understanding the relationships among the chemical compositions, materialography is done.

  • Deposition System

A thin-film deposition is done to make everything from solar panels to semiconductors and has been designed to put a very slim layer of material that can have a thickness from a few nanometres to micrometers.

  • Fluid Mechanics

We have a cutting edge range of hardware, software, and complete measurement systems that can empower researchers of fluid mechanics and diagnostic researchers.

  • AEROSOL / Particle Research

The understandings about aerosols are increased by particle sizers and this leads to breakthroughs in research along with a wide range of industries. For monitoring the quality of air, research of aerosol, studies of exposure, emissions of engine and others, they are used.

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