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Forensic Science
10 Jan, 2021

Forensic Science

The term forensic is derived from the Latin word ‘forensis’ which means a debate or discussion that is done publicly. However, this term in a much modern context applied to the judicial system or more significantly, the court. The term together with science means the application of scientific processes and methods for solving crimes.  The development of forensic science has always been in the news to be used for solving crimes, unfolding mysteries, and exonerate or felon the suspects of crime for a lot of years.

 The amazing advancements and innovation in forensic science, allows it to be a very developed science that involves several disciplines along with a huge number of scientists specializing in all the things which range from botany and DNA to toolmarks and dentistry. This field of science is drawn from a wide number of branches of science like chemistry, physics, and biology with the main focus being fixed on identification, recognition, and physical evidence evaluation. But again, this amazing branch of science needs the help of modern technologies for detecting, collecting, and processing samples and proof for further evaluation and determination. The industry of forensic science equipment is very big and has a lot of sectors and sub-sectors. BCL works closely with a lot of forensic nurses, investigators, private investigators, latent print examiners, laboratory personnel, and property room technicians from all over the world to bring in an advanced range of solutions.

Application zones –

  • Trace Evidence

Our carefully picked range of solutions is targeted for helping you to view the smallest material transfers that are not possible to see normally.

  • Document Examination

We have solutions for assisting you in examining forged documents, check out the handwriting, signature, stamps, and all other necessities.

  • Forensic Laboratory Light Sources

Light sources are the main key for making evidence of the crime scene crystal clear. This assures you to be assured of finding the best systems for getting the job done.

  • Fingermark Evidence

Figermnark deposits can be found on surfaces that are touched with bare hands and they can easily be exploited as potential evidence. We have a huge number of efficient solutions for helping you to easily analyze them.

If you want to have more information and need to find out the best possible solutions for your requirements, then get in touch with our team today.