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22 Jan, 2021


Autoclaves or steam sterilizers are mainly used for industrial or healthcare applications. It is a machine that takes advantage of the steam under pressure for killing harmful viruses, bacteria, spores, and fungi on items that are placed inside of a pressure vessel.  For a given amount of time, to an appropriate sterilization temperature, the items are heated. To the items, the moisture which is present in the steam can transfer the heat efficiently for destroying the structure of the protein of the spores and bacteria.

For killing a cell with heat, it is required to increase the temperature to a certain degree at which the proteins present in the cell wall break down and coagulates. For the transference of heat, steam is defined as a very efficient medium that makes it an amazing way for destroying the microbes. On the other way, the air is one of the most inefficient ways of transferring heat due to the concepts of the heat of vaporization. Around 80 kcal of heat energy is required for bringing down one liter of water to its boiling point and for converting that amount of water into steam, it would need 540 kcal. So it means that steam at 100˚C comprises seven times more energy compared to water at 100˚C. And this energy makes steam much more efficient for destroying microorganisms.

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