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Wide range of solutions for the safety and quality of materials, industrial products and buildings.

Material Analysis plays a significant role in product research and development, quality control, and their designs. BCL has extensive experience in this field and allows the clients to choose from its range of equipment that benefits clients in producing and developing materials characterization systems. BCL offers Differential Scanning Calorimeter , STA , Dynamic Universal Testing Machines , Polishing / Grinding Machines , IV – CV Electrical Parametric Analyzer , Nano Voltmeters , Scanning Electron Microscope , Transmission Electron Microscope , X- Ray Photon Spectroscopy , Optical Probe Stations.

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Material analysis
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Material analysis

Determining mechanical and physical properties of components and raw materials which can range from a string of hair to steel, ceramics, and even composite materials are known as Materials analysis. For being used in production, quality control, laboratory, education, or R&D, material testing machines ...