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AEROSOL / Particle Research
22 Jan, 2021

AEROSOL / Particle Research

Researchers are offered the answers to various queries like atmospheric science, air pollution, nanotechnology, air pollution, industrial hygiene, and others by Aersol and particle research. Accurate and reliable instrumentation are the defining points for researchers who are expanding their knowledge in these fields. For over 40 years, BCL has been creating associations with the leaders of the industry for manufacturing and developing cutting-edge particle and aerosol instruments for research applications over a wide range of fields. Our supplied tools have been helping researchers for exploring frontiers in engine emission research, atmospheric science, climate studies, and inhalation toxicology.
In association with TSI, we bring to you products that can contribute to all the aspects of particle and aerosol research that ranges from sizing, counting, sampling, and generating.

Particle Sizing
You can be assured to be able to measure particles having sizes anywhere between 1nm and 20 microns in size. They are suitable for a complete range of applications.

Particle Counting
In almost all types of aerosol research settings, particle number concentrations are important. Our partners, TSI have created a specialized particle counter for meeting long-term engine emissions, environmental monitoring, and laboratory research.

Particle Dispersion and Generation
The particles which are already present in the application of the researchers can be measures or can also generate their own particle for studying

Particle Sampling
An important step for aerosol researchers lies in collecting particles for offline analysis. Sampling instruments from TSI can collect aerosols for further analysis via gravimetry, electron microscopy, or several other types of chemical analysis.